Something about us

• How long have we been doing photography?

Both photo and video have been our hobby for more than 14 years and we've been shooting weddings professionally for more than nine years.

• Do you have a „day job“?

No, this is our full-time employment.

• Did you go to school to be a photographer?

Formally no. Alex has masters in graphic engineering which has certain relations with photography and design. Tom has masters in sociology.

We have been learning informally in this area on a daily basis.

• What gear are you using?

If you like our photos it doesn't really matter, but we can say almost all we earn goes into our gear. For gearheads, our basis are Canon pro full frame cameras and Canon L & Sigma Art lenses.

• Who works in Flick Factory?

We are not fond of hiring freelance associates for wedding photography in order to keep consistent style and level of quality. We also never book more than one wedding per day.

That is why 100% of photos you'll see on our website and social media are made by Alex&Tom.

Except us, there are of course Pablo and a lovely person by it, who will make sure you have fun and carefree experience with photo booth.

• Where do we live?

Mostly on the road. Jokes aside, we live in Rijeka, Croatia, but don't worry about distance from your location since it wasn't an issue for us to pack our bags and fly to New Zealand to shoot some weddings there.