Villa Lav - wedding in Istria

A Beautiful Wedding and Amazing Party in Villa Lav

The wedding we recently attended in the small town of Bale, Croatia was truly unforgettable. The venue, Villa Lav, is a stunning location that provided the perfect backdrop for the day’s events.

Villa Lav - wedding in Istria

The bride and groom are a sweet and passionate couple who clearly adored each other. As they both work in event planning, they took on themselves all aspects of the organization, and the groom was particularly involved in the process.

The decor, by Lepor Studio, was breathtaking in gold and pastel tones, creating a warm and welcoming ambiance that perfectly suited the intimate wedding.

The first look at the Villa Lav‘s garden was a truly special moment that captured the love and connection between the couple.

The ceremony in the grand church in Bale’s old town gave the wedding a royal feel. The personal vows exchanged by the couple during the ceremony were a particularly touching moment that brought many to tears.

The wedding party looked amazing in matching pastel-colored clothing at shooting in front of that beautiful church.

The shooting in the old town of Bale was a wonderful experience that allowed us to capture some truly beautiful moments. The couple’s love for each other was evident and we had a great time capturing the moments on camera. It was a great opportunity to showcase the beauty of Bale’s historic old town, with its charming streets and traditional architecture.

Working alongside us was a talented videographer from CatPaw Weddings Studio, who expertly captured the special moments on video. We had a great collaboration, as we worked together to create a beautiful and lasting memory of the couple’s wedding day.

During the shooting, we were greeted by a lovely lady who invited us to enjoy some homemade apple strudel. It was a great moment of hospitality and kindness that added to the overall warmth of the day.

The shooting was filled with laughter and joy, with the couple’s love shining through in every shot. It was a testament to the great chemistry between the couple and their love for each other.

The party in the garden of Villa Lav was truly unforgettable. Everybody from the close family and couple’s entourage entered the dance floor with a different, comical entrance dance. We couldn’t keep the serious face. Despite the smaller size of the wedding, the dance floor was packed with people dancing.

The groom, an avid amateur photographer, arranged for disposable cameras to be placed on the tables, which led to many candid and hilarious photos being taken throughout the evening.

Overall, it was a wonderful and memorable wedding, and we enjoyed looking back at the photos months later. If you’re planning a wedding in Croatia, we highly recommend Villa Lav in Bale as the perfect location for your special day.