Opatija wedding - Royal

A Luxurious Wedding at Hotel Royal in Opatija

When we arrived at Hotel Royal in Opatija, Croatia, we could already feel the excitement in the air. The wedding was going to be a big affair, and the preparations were underway.

Flammeum Weddings had done an excellent job of organizing everything.

Opatija wedding photography

The wedding ceremony took place in the nearby Church of St. Jacob, a beautiful location with immense historical value. The ceremony was made even more special by the priest who surprised everyone with a few jokes, which kept the newlyweds in a good mood. During the ceremony, the couple also performed a baptism of their baby, which added an extra layer of emotion to the already beautiful ceremony.

After the ceremony, the family congratulated the newly-weds, and it was an emotional moment. As a photographers, we always love capturing these interactions between guests and the newly-weds. The atmosphere was magical as we came out of the church, and guests cheered on.

We then had a short session by the church and the sea, which was incredibly romantic.

Upon returning to the Hotel Royal, everyone was in high spirits, enjoying cocktails in front of the hotel before moving into the ballroom. The decor by Studio Brzak with predominantly white and elegant decor looked absolutely stunning against the mirrors of the ballroom.

The first dance was emotional, with the newlyweds taking their baby son onto the dance floor halfway through the song. The guests joined in with the dancing, and everyone, both young and old, had a great time. You could truly feel the love and joy in the air.

In conclusion, this wedding in Opatija, Croatia was a magical experience. The beautiful location, elegant decor, and wonderful atmosphere all contributed to making it a day that the newlyweds and their guests will never forget.